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We Are With You

A rapid, needs-based and community driven response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Cape Town.

The Seaboard and Gugulethu Community Action Networks have identified 2000 homes in Gugulethu that have lost access to their entire income due to South Africa’s ongoing lockdown. This is our solution.

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For EFT donations, please reference the transfer with ‘Sinani + your name.’ For Snap Scan donations select ‘Sinani Vouchers’ in the dropdown campaign list.

We’ve rolled out an innovative voucher scheme to ensure families can purchase what they need - no two families are the same. 

Sinani vouchers are hybrid - enabling purchases from both supermarkets and localised ‘informal’ fruit and veg traders.

So far, our campaign has supported 600 households with vouchers to help them stay afloat.

Our unique model has also injected R 60 000 directly into the local economy, supporting small businesses in Gugulethu.

How It Works

What Makes This
Campaign Different?

A unique voucher system - autonomy, discretion, health and safety

  • Each family has different needs. Teenagers eat a lot and need data for school, or a family with a baby needs nappies. Food parcels are one-size-fits-all, but vouchers allow the household to decide.

  • Vouchers are discreet, protecting beneficiaries from becoming targets.

  • Vouchers are hand-delivered to each home by volunteers who follow strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

We have good governance, and can account for every cent

  • The vouchers are traced directly to the beneficiaries by their ID and cellphone numbers, and delivered by hand.

  • We work with the Gugulethu community and their structures. We know where our vouchers go and we witness the difference it makes.

  • The Seaboard CAN is affiliated with the registered non profit company Pristine Earth Collective (PEC). Our bookkeeping is done by an independent volunteer.

Not just a donation - we support small businesses & put cash into the local economy

  • We remunerate 22 volunteers of the Gugulethu CAN. They execute the delivery of the vouchers and veggies. They receive a small fee of R50 per voucher in recognition of their commitment to serving their community.

  • Our voucher system is specifically designed to support small businesses. R100 of every voucher is used to buy fresh produce from local vendors whose income has also been threatened. The veggie boxes are also distributed door-to-door.

The project is working

We have a proven track record and have successfully adapted to the changing landscape of the lockdown. Our CANS work together to respond quickly and effectively to needs as they arise.