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Shelter From The Storm

Each Shelterbag provides dignity, warmth and protection from the wind and rain.

Shelterbags are water and windproof bags which unfold into a sleeping bag with a protective hood and integrated foam mattress.

They are are durable and robust, capable of withstanding bad weather and uneven, hard surfaces such as tarmac.

Easily folded, light weight (less than 3kg), portable, Shelterbags are fitted with an outside pocket designed for safekeeping personal belongings.

Shelterbags are South African made from new materials by residents of The Ark City of Refuge, which houses over 1000 vulnerable men, women and children, providing a salaried skills development opportunity. 

Each unit costs R450 and we're aiming to make MANY needed units before the coming storms. Your donation will go a long way to making that a reality!

Please enter your donation amount in the box below:


For EFT donations, please reference the transfer with ‘Shelter + your name.’

For Snap Scan donations select ‘Shelter From The Storm’ in the dropdown campaign list.

Sinani NPO
FNB/RMB Gold Business Account
Account Number: 62859190466
Branch Code: 250655
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: your name + Shelterbag
Email POP to: seaboardcan@gmail.com