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Get Involved

︎   To join the Seaboard WhatsApp networking group please email seaboardcan@gmail.com for an invite link.

︎   Volunteer in a Seaboard CAN subgroup:

︎ If you are already undertaking a group effort along the Seaboard and would like to join the CAN or if you would like to establish a new sub-group please get in touch via the Seaboard WhatsApp group to get started.

The Ladles Atlantic COVID Group make sandwiches and soup from home on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays that gets collected by Samantha Stern from Ladles of Love and is safely distributed to the hungry via existing organised community kitchens and shelters. Contact Lynda on +27 82 748 7568 to get involved.
The Colin Eglin Sea Point Library Garden is a volunteer-driven gardening project on the grounds of the library focused on beautification, placemaking, nature education, and community gardening. Click here to learn more. Contact Carin Lilienfeld on +27 72 945 3833 or carinlilienfeld@gmail.com to get involved.
Clothing donations for infants, children and adults can be directed to Erica on +27 82 060 5567 (WhatsApp only). Please note all clothing donations must be machine washed and after collection will be kept sealed for 5 days as a contagion safety precaution.

Volunteer with the daily Seaboard soup kitchen. Serving starts at 1pm so arrive 30 minutes prior - shifts typically last 1-2 hours. To get involved contact Yusuf on +27 82 899 7465 or Ruth on +27 83 450 3113. Volunteers need to wear a face-mask and gloves at all times.  

︎   Collect and contribute to the ongoing list of needs whilst carefully following the COVID 19 protocol on sanitising and handling deliverable resources. Please contact us to coordinate a safe pickup.  The supplies will be sanitised and safely distributed to our commitments at AKH, the Gugulethu partnership and our homeless community.

︎ Lookout for Seaboard CAN dedicated trolleys in local
Seaboard super markets.

    • Hand sanitiser
    • Soap bars
    • Liquid dishwashing liquid
    • Gloves
    • Toiletries; sanitary wear, toilet paper, facecloths
    • Non-perishable food: beans, tuna, pilchards, pasta, rice, soup cans etc.
    • Large water containers - most drought equipment can be repurposed for hand-sanitation, eg. Jo-Jo tanks, water bags, tap dispensers etc.
    • Plastic squeezy bottles and other plastic household containers, e.g window-cleaner bottles with spray nozzle
    • Blankets
    • Educational and recreational resources to occupy children during the lock-down eg. arts & craft materials, books, games, toys, push-bikes, radios etc.
    • Visor making materials; elastic, acetate / strong plastic film and foam tape